The history of CHG-MERIDIAN

Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975, Steve Jobs started Apple in 1976, and in 1979 Jürgen Gelf began CHG. From a modest start in the Upper Swabia region of southern Germany, CHG has developed into a success story spanning nearly four decades. It may not be such a household name as other companies, but CHG‑MERIDIAN is now one of the world's leading providers of non-captive technology management.

What began as a one-man band has grown into an enterprise employing almost 900 people. One site has multiplied into 36 in 23 countries across the globe. Today, CHG‑MERIDIAN offers not only bespoke financing solutions but also a comprehensive range of technology management systems and services in the areas of IT, healthcare, and industry. Find out more about the CHG‑MERIDIAN business model, the people behind the company, the technology it uses, and its international expansion.

Computer‑Handels‑Gesellschaft (CHG) – the early days

The idea of getting into the computer sales market came to Jürgen Gelf in the mid-1970s. While trying to source a new mainframe computer for his employer, he stumbled across the organized resale market for this equipment...

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CHG, the family firm

The CHG story began in the laundry room of the Gelf household, where Jürgen Gelf would go after he came home from work to make telephone calls and send telexes. He dictated contracts to his wife and she typed up her shorthand notes the next day on an IBM...

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Computers become the norm

When Jürgen Gelf set up his own company at the end of the 1970s, computers had already begun to make inroads into many workplaces. They were mostly permanently installed systems: computing and storage units with cooling...

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Start of the expansion strategy

1992 was a year of major change for CHG Computer Leasing- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH. The company founder Jürgen Gelf began to step back from his leading role, handing over the reins to Jürgen Mossakowski. An auditor by profession...

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