Experts in efficient technology management work together throughout over 36 branch offices worldwide.


CHG-MERIDIAN is one of the world's leading non-captive providers of management in the technological fields of information technologies and telecommunications, industrial, and healthcare. We have a workforce of round about 850 professionals in 23 countries and offer one-stop infrastructure management that includes consulting, financial services, operational services, and remarketing services for old equipment at our proprietary brokerage and logistics centers.

Our global presence guarantees one-stop, quick, and systematic business processes. CHG-MERIDIAN offers efficient technology management for large corporations, small and medium-sized firms, and public-sector clients. We provide customers with customized, on-demand solutions for developing business concepts for technology, financing, and inventory management. Our customers benefit from the one-stop shop for the efficient organization of technology investments, transparent outline of costs as well as optimized terms and conditions. In addition, they benefit from sustainable resale of old equipment with professional refurbishing.