We are looking to further strengthen our market position and become a global leader in our business line.

Our focus on information technologies, industrial technologies, and healthcare technologies enables us to hone our core competenciesand thus deliver innovative solutions at all times.

What's more, the high level of innovation inherent in our products has laid the foundations for future growth. Another of our goals is to increase and preserve the Company's net worth.

We are therefore concentrating on three dimensions for future growth:

  • breaking into new markets and expanding our existing entities outside Germany;
  • the diversification of technology-related assets in other technology areas;
  • and the diversification of our service offering.

We see huge potential here because: professional and efficient structuring, management, and financing of high-value technology capital spending will become increasingly important. These factors are key to the strength of growth and innovation and, consequently, to the sustainability of the individual entity's business model or public-service remit.

Companies and public-sector clients alike are increasingly inclined to turn to specialist service providers for help in optimizing their technology capital investments. Consequently, they outsource functions that they are often unable to performsufficiently cost effectively themselves. At the same time, customers are becoming increasingly aware that poor-quality service and attempting to manage various individual technology service providers can pose significant risks.

This, in turn, presents considerable opportunities for our customers and offers us tangible advantages: They benefit, among other things, from tailor-made solutions for developing customized business concepts, a one-stop shop for the efficient organization of technology-related capital spending, transparent cost control, optimized terms and conditions, and sustainable remarketing as a result of professional equipment refurbishing.

We invest heavily in our home market of Germany as well as tapping into global sources of growth. The success that we have achieved in America, South and Eastern Europe validates our strategy of increasing our focus on customized businessconcepts in technology and finance. Overall, international business now accounts for almost half the Group's volume of lease originations.