CHG-MERIDIAN offers successful ERP launch with airbag protection

When implementing IT systems critical to success, good advice is often welcome – it doesn’t have to be expensive

CHG-MERIDIAN reduces costs and project risks when launching complex application software

Efficient and integrated utilization concepts for license management and financing

Who isn’t familiar with the talk in their industry about unsuccessful, aborted and reversed software projects? Indeed: only around half of all business software launches are successful. There are many different reasons for this. These range from errors in software selection and purchasing to insufficient leeway in day-to-day operations.

How can a company avoid becoming part of this unfortunate group itself? A difficult question, if you consider that companies rarely have on hand the knowledge of the market, products and methods that an extensive ERP launch requires. Technology and finance manager CHG-MERIDIAN AG lightens the workload for project managers when launching complex ERP and application software: as a partner who, with its expertise and experience, keeps the project securely on track – even when unexpected obstacles appear down the line.

CHG-MERIDIAN sees the advantage of its services in the value-adding combination of fields of expertise that are normally separate in the market: these include preeminent technological expertise, coupled with a mastering of financial and commercial aspects. Last but not least, CHG-MERIDIAN boasts a wealth of practical experience from a large number of comparable technology projects.

High level of security at low costs
“As an independent technology and finance manager, we are a one stop shop for commercial and technical utilization concepts for technology and software investments – from the financing to technical implementation”, explains Frank Kottmann, member of the CHG-MERIDIAN board. “We pool together IT and finance expertise and act as a know-how supplier who – thanks to our extensive project experience – is familiar with the stumbling blocks that occur in software projects and helps its customers to navigate safely around these”, says Kottmann. This results in a reduction in project costs, while at the same time increasing project security in terms of time and quality objectives. In other words, a three-fold security airbag for all project eventualities.

A whole host of services for a successful ERP launch
For complex and costly ERP launches, CHG-MERIDIAN provides a wide range of services: these include structuring the software selection process and realizing potential for savings when soliciting quotations and negotiating prices. Customized leasing models enable low-cost financing for neutral balance sheets, and intelligent controlling to ensure sustainable financial management and a simple allocation of expenses.

Overview 1: Reasons for the failure of ERP projects
• Errors in selection and purchasing
• Project risks are incorrectly assessed
• Schedules and deadlines are not observed
• Unrealistic expectations and unclear objectives
• Changing requirements
• The customer does not have ERP expertise
• Little leeway in day-to-day operations

Overview 2: The services of CHG-MERIDIAN – Support throughout the software lifecycle
• Support in software and service provider selection
• Active support in soliciting quotations and negotiating prices
• Modular and customized leasing and financing models
• Supply of hardware for development and training
• Continuous measurement and optimization of license models
• Network of experts
• Intelligent controlling and simple allocation of project costs
• Assumption of all project costs in the budget financing

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CHG-MERIDIAN: The company
CHG-MERIDIAN is one of the world's leading manufacturer- and bank-independent providers of technology management services to the IT, industry and healthcare sectors. With some 850 employees, CHG-MERIDIAN provides its customers with comprehensive support for their technology infrastructures – from consulting to financial and operational services to used-equipment re-marketing services through two of its own technology and service centers in Germany and Norway. CHG-MERIDIAN offers efficient technology management for large- and medium-sized companies and government agencies. It now serves over 10,000 customers worldwide and technology investments of more than EUR 3.6 billion. More than 1,600 of its customers also use TESMA© Online, its technology and service management system, for their internal technology controlling needs. The company has offices in 40 locations in 23 countries across the globe; its headquarters are in the South German city of Weingarten.

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