Young people from CHG-MERIDIAN build website for Clinic Home Interface

16 apprentices and students create a website for a social care organization in Ravensburg

Company supports community involvement as part of its CARE initiative

Mossakowski: "Raising awareness of a sensitive subject in the region and among our young people."

A total of 16 apprentices and students from CHG-MERIDIAN have taken part in a community project as part of the Company's CARE initiative. They lent a hand to the Clinic Home Interface (CHI) organization in Ravensburg by building a website for them. "Through our support, we are helping to raise the profile of Clinic Home Interface in the region and making our young employees more aware of a subject that is rarely discussed openly in society," said Jürgen Mossakowski.

The Clinic Home Interface aims to maintain and improve the quality of life of people with a terminal illness and to help them make their own decisions so that they can live as comfortably as possible either at home or in a hospice. As a result of this support, four out of five of Clinic Home Interface's patients die at home. "All donations to Clinic Home Interface are predominantly used to ensure the organization has sufficient time for patients and their family members," emphasizes Dr. Siegmar Mende, chairman of the CHI supporters' association. The organization is based at St. Elisabeth Hospital in Ravensburg (OSK) and each year cares for around 300 patients from the Lake Constance/Ravensburg region in south-west Germany.

Under the CARE initiative, CHG-MERIDIAN employees worldwide volunteer for social and community-based projects in their local region. The Company also supports these projects in a variety of ways, including making monetary and non-monetary donations, sharing its expertise, and actively participating in projects.

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