Attractive for employees

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CHG-MERIDIAN has been growing steadily since its foundation, and we now serve customers in 23 countries worldwide. This dynamism and internationality make it possible for us to offer employees diverse challenges and opportunities for personal development. And many doors are open to those truly dedicated to their work.

We are committed to following a uniform set of rules in our dealings with one another, to maintaining a culture of open communication, and to providing equal opportunities. We provide young people with attractive opportunities to get started in the professional world.

High proportion of women; more trainees

CHG-MERIDIAN employed 850 people worldwide in 2014 - which was 6.5% than the year before. A total of 452 of our employees work in Germany. We are especially proud of the fact that around half of the people working for us are women - which is hardly a given for a technology company. The number of trainees and students completing their educations with CHG-MERIDIAN is rising steadily as well: In 2014, we had 12 trainees, as well as 12 dual-track university students.

Transparency and openness

CHG-MERIDIAN relies on employees who want to develop and contribute their own ideas actively. To promote this company culture, we map out perspectives for our employees and offer them individually tailored opportunities for continuing education. One example of this is our Potential Development Program (PEP), a training program in which selected employees complete training modules over a period of around 1.5 years, in order to sharpen their key skills and qualify for additional duties.

Open and transparent communication is another aspect of this culture, which we uphold at all times and on every hierarchical level. Our employees attend regular feedback meetings to find out where they are in terms of professional development. Our open door policy and our regularly scheduled company-wide group events also help ensure that every CHG-MERIDIAN employee can help shape the company's success effectively.

Mutual rules

Team spirit and openness are only possible if everyone adheres to a common framework of values. We at CHG-MERIDIAN have established "rules of play" for ourselves, which include in part:

- We support each other.

- We resolve disputes cooperatively.

- In everything we do, our goal is to benefit the company.

- We work in a solution-oriented way.

- We admit our mistakes.

- Criticism is always constructive.

TOP JOB employer

In 2012, compamedia named CHG-MERIDIAN a "TOP JOB Employer among Small and Medium-Sized Businesses". This rating is based on a scientific two-stage procedure that also includes an employee survey. The company received extra bonus points for its culture of open communication and transparency.

IT solutions for employees

Making our core competencies available to staff is the idea behind CHG-MERIDIAN's new Employee PC Program (MPP)... and we offer it not only to our customers, but to our own staff as well. This gives employees the opportunity to acquire reasonably priced, yet high quality IT technology through the company. Employees cover costs through deferred compensation. All of this creates common ground and a sense of personal benefit, which increases company loyalty. An attractive incentive system that is both sustainable and cost-conscious.