Inspiring young people

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In the future, we want to convince more people to join CHG-MERIDIAN, and to build their lasting enthusiasm for the company—among other ways, by offering them targeted training and development opportunities.

Focus on new recruits

We offer young professionals a variety of avenues for becoming part of the CHG-MERIDIAN team. They can join as trainees for various commercial and industrial jobs, for example, or work with us as part of their studies at the Dual University of Baden-Württemberg (DHBW). College graduates and first-time employees can start their careers through CHG-MERIDIAN's 24-month, sales-oriented "TrailS—Trainee for Sales" program or its "Trainee—Risk management and finance" program.

The number of trainees, dual-track students and recent graduates we employ has increased steadily in recent years. We want to counter the growing shortage of skilled professionals by demonstrating solidity and confidence in our employees.

CHG Academy

It is important to us to think outside the box and give our employees the tools they need for successful careers. Our in-house CHG Academy is our central instrument for employee development.  Our Academy initiates needs-appropriate, individualized technical and leadership training opportunities for all of our employees—worldwide. Most of our courses are run by our in-house trainers, but we also turn to external service providers to provide specialist knowledge. The Academy also runs Startup Seminars for new employees several times a year, passing knowledge from one insider to another in a practical and comprehensive way. CHG Academy also looks after students, interns and trainees, such that they can also benefit from this internal competency.