Living integrity

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Integrity is the foundation of our culture and the basis for our growth. We emphasize appreciation and trust - as well as strict adherence to rules - in our dealings with one another. We expect lawful behavior from our business partners and customers, as well as fair competitive practices­principles that we hold ourselves to as well.

Our code of conduct

CHG-MERIDIAN adopted its code of conduct in 2013. This code of conduct is binding for all CHG-MERIDIAN employees worldwide; it provides guidance for day-to-day activities in order to prevent misconduct. As such, the code of conduct represents a framework for our continued development, and forms the basis for our growth and success. We expect our business partners and customers to behave and do business according to similar principles.

Our compliance management

Parallel to introducing the code of conduct, we restructured Group Risk Controlling and established the position of Chief Compliance Officer. This person is also responsible for the whistle­blower system, through which employees, business partners and customers can report compliance violations anonymously.