TESMA® is the technological basis for CHG-MERIDIAN's service portfolio. The software combines  technical and financial information to create added value. Now, with the new release, you can enjoy even more functionality.

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New forms of economic efficiency

The internet-based Technology and Service Management System allows new forms of economic efficiency throughout the entire equipment life cycle.


    TESMA® offers customers new possibilities in managing technology investments efficiently, from procurement to equipment retrieval and certified data erasure. : You now have answers right at your fingertips:

    • Which departments are using which equipment?
    • How much does the equipment cost?
    • Where is the asset  located?
    • How do I manage and account for consumables expenses per unit?

    Comprehensive automation

    Linking financial and technical processes throughout the entire technology life cycle allows continuous process automation; different document-versions become a thing of the past. For example, cost centers entered into TESMA® are transferred into the CHG-MERIDIAN ERP system. The next time the customer's accounting department settles the account, it can draw all the relevant data directly from TESMA®, organized by cost center right down to the individual units.

    User-friendly and always up to date

    Whenever content maintenance is done manually, there is always the risk of human error. TESMA® synchronizes with CHG-MERIDIAN's own ERP system, where all equipment information is stored as well as with your connected CMDB, so the software is always up-to-date.

    TESMA® comunicates to all platforms. Connecting it to ERP systems or asset management systems is quick and easy.

    Connections to supplier shops make supplier orders quick and uncomplicated.


    Whether printers, tablets, smartphones, monitors, complete data centers, medical technology or entire production lines, you get valuable data in making everyday technology management decisions throughout every phase of the product life cycle.

    During investment planning, it provides:

    • Equipment locations and configurations
    • Usage behavior
    • Budget development

    It assists the operational phase with:

    • Customized controlling reports 
    • Easy budget, consumption and capacity planning

    At the end of the technology life cycle:

    • Information about device status, planned and completed retrieval, usage periods
    • TESMA®'s End of Life module can map out the entire data erasure process

    Among other things, the practical, user-friendly application lets customers arrange various widgets on a management dashboard however they like, depending on which information they are interested in.

    Experience unprecedented transparency,
    from consultation to deletion logs

    Source-specific cost accounting – domestic and international

    Controllers can unambiguously associate all financial information to individual units or cost centers, for even greater transparency and traceability. Identifying consumption peaks and cost drivers is child's play. TESMA® makes it particularly quick and easy to manage in-group accounting within international or decentralized structures, for which standards of proof and documentation have increased greatly in recent years.

    Even more valuable decision-making aids
    for everyday technology management


    Many company departments benefit from TESMA®

    Many company departments benefit from TESMA®, which improves process efficiency and thus lowers overall expenses.


    Monitor and control equipment anytime throughout the entire technology life cycle— TESMA® provides reliable decision-making assistance for both technical and commercial criteria.

    • What kind of budget do I need to plan in for next year?
    • Which expenses were posted to Cost Center 2021 this year?
    • Which expenses have we incurred at our Frankfurt location?
    • What kind of budget needs to be delineated for the Spanish office?

    TESMA® lightens workloads at every turn.
    Everyone has it easier.


    TESMA® also gives IT officers an overview of their entire device portfolios, broken down into technical and commercial information. This makes a number of things easier for them. The new CMDB interface allows them to transfer CHG -MERIDIAN portfolio data into other databases and link to that information, eliminating the need for manual or twofold data maintenance.

    • Which classes of equipment are in use where?
    • How are they fitted out?
    • Which units will be fit for the upcoming ERP change?
    • When do which computers expire?
    • What's been ordered, what's been installed, what's still in IT storage?


    The system saves Accounting time and money as well. Now they can process invoices quickly and efficiently, and settle accounts in a cost-center-specific manner.

    • What expenses have been posted to a certain cost center this year?
    • How much paper do the three printers on the second floor consume per month?
    • Where can I find all the invoices related to a certain rental certificate?

    TESMA® also makes CHG-MERIDIAN invoices available in formats that can easily be transferred into ERP systems.


    Even purchasing becomes more transparent with TESMA®. Orders can easily be integrated from an ERP system, and a workflow manager maps out all varieties of authorization processes.

    • What volumes did I purchase last year from which suppliers?
    • How did those volumes change last month, relative to the month before?
    • Integrating supplier shops is a breeze as well.