A new generation of TESMA® will be  unveiled in spring of 2016. Here is what you need to know abou the new TESMA®:

  • With an upgraded interface and intuitive user controls, working with TESMA® has never been simpler. The practical, user-friendly interface allows customers to arrange various widgets on a management dashboard however they like, depending on which information they are interested in.

  • Additional controlling reports

    TESMA® provides reliable information and  presenation of data in the form of graphs to effectively interpret data while faciliting the decision-making process. For example:

    • Location analysis with detailed equipment information down to individual cost centers
    • Budget planning for sustainable financial management, including analysis of future payment obligations
    • Account statistics providing precise information on invoices sent by
    • Consumables reports listing information on variable consumption, including in-depth invoicing information
  • TESMA® integrates seamlessly into existing ERP systems for supplier and leasing orders, thanks to an expanded portfolio of interfaces.  Our ERP Order Interface connection can automatically transfer orders placed through your ERP system into our e-Procurement module, making your ordering process more transparent.

  • Another significant feature  is our bidirectional CMDB interface, which allows you to integrate CHG-MERIDIAN portfolio data into other databases or transfer data from existing systems into TESMA®, eliminating the need to update data manually multiple times.


  • Our TESMA® Download Scheduler can retrieve controlled data from TESMA® and transfer it to other applications.

  • Our EDIFACT interface provides a simple way of exchanging invoice data electronically, giving you the ability to automate your CHG-MERIDIAN invoicing process and thus manage your internal accounting process as desired.

  • Thanks to the End of Life module, TESMA® now maps out the entire IT equipment rollback process, including the "eraSURE" certified data deletion procedure. Customers can always see which stage a device is currently in, from pickup orders to erasure logs.


Learn more about TESMA®'s new functions in this interview with Oliver Schorer,
CHG-MERIDIAN's Chief Information Officer.

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