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Nov 19, 2018 | Belgium

CHG-MERIDIAN uses energy for a good cause

Corporate social responsibility is firmly enshrined in CHG-MERIDIAN’s corporate philosophy. When it comes to supporting community-based projects, we want to encourage our employees to get involved with their own ideas and personal commitment.

CHG-MERIDIAN's employees apply themselves with as much vigor to good causes as they do to their work. The company's internal CARE initiative brings together ideas for community-based projects and involves the workforce in the decisions on which ones to support. This year the Belgian CHG-MERIDIAN office commits to a sporty challenge to support an environmental good cause called Waste Free Oceans.



Waste Free Oceans is a Belgian based non-profit organisation whose mission is to collect and transform plastics in our waters. WFO focusses on connecting the right partners to create value. The founder, Alexandre Dangis, get his idea from the petrochemical sector where he worked for years. When he realised that the global resources to create the plastics were vastly shrinking, he wanted to find new ways to keep the resources already in use and re-use them for production. He wanted to target the ocean waste since it is one of the largest growing dumps. The easiest way to collect plastic is to cooperate with the people who know where to find it. The organisation works together with local fishermen to collect ocean plastic and bring it back to shore. The next step was to find recycling partners to separate and clean the trash. This already used plastic could still be used for other purposes than it once was used for and so WFO looked to corporate with partners to create new products with the plastic.

This recycle and reuse process is familiar to CHG-MERIDIAN as it is what our company does with the returning assets in our Technology and Service Centers as well. The process of taking back already used IT-devices to give them a prolonged life fits with the basis of the WFO organisation. CHG-MERIDIAN has a certified process which ensures the correct recycling following the highest standards. 


The event took place on the 20th of December in the heart of Brussels, near the Atomium, Belgium’s national pride, which is also near to the office. The organisation "Music for Life" organizes a run where people can join in a safe environment and collect money to support a good cause of their choice. Partners, The Red Cross and Studio Brussel, a local radio station, have created awareness for good causes for the past 12 years. Throughout Belgium, different 'runs' are organised for people to challenge themselves and ask friends and family to sponsor them. All the good causes must be approved by an independent board and can then apply to raise money and awareness for the project.


Each member of the Belgian office made a personal commitment to run or walk a certain number of rounds on the predefined track for which they tried to find sponsoring. This year the colleagues decided that all the money raised should go to  Waste Free Oceans.

After the team ran and walked over a 100 km, we are proud to say they raised €646,4! In addition to that CHG-MERIDIAN AG committed to sponsoring €1000! CHG-MERIDIAN tried to support as many CARE-projects as possible as it is incorporated in their values. 



Thank you to the entire team and to all the sponsors!



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