Involved in society

CSR, society, charity, CHG-MERIDIAN

CHG-MERIDIAN's local roots are fundamental to its success. Our charity and sponsorship activities in support of regional initiatives, projects and associations are an important component of our civic engagement.

Culture, education, social affairs and sports

Involved in society, CHG-MERIDIAN

We are expressly committed to being involved in the communities we work in. As a technology company, issues related to technology, media, and digital transformation are especially close to our hearts. We actively support cultural, educational, and social projects related to these issues. Sports are another focus of our civic involvement, in the interest of promoting values like team spirit and fairness. In 2011, we received the Business Award for Social Responsibility in Baden-Württemberg in recognition of our social responsibility. In 2013, CHG-MERIDIAN contributed a total of €310,000 in support of social initiatives and projects. 

Employees have their say with CARE

Our civic involvement focuses on the communities in which CHG-MERIDIAN is active. Our CARE project—CHG-MERIDIAN ATTENDS TO ITS REGIONAL ENVIRONMENT—gives employees a platform through which they can help shape the who, what and how of our community work. Our employees bring in concrete suggestions for supporting the region, and then implement them as a team, handling everything from budget planning to organization and project marketing. Our company contributes funding and resources, allowing us to share our own success with people in our society who are not doing as well.