The future of your print and copy environment

Printers, fax machines, copiers, scanners – in some companies there are more output devices than desks. The mountains of paper grow tall while the operating costs, service calls and consumables rise. Until a partner with a truly effective solution for technology, sustainability, financing and asset management appears – a partner like CHG-MERIDIAN.

CHG-Meridian IT-Life-Cycle



Efficient processes and lower overall costs:
Intelligent concepts from CHG-MERIDIAN add value and benefits throughout the entire lifecycle of an IT workstation.

The reinvention of IT lifecycle management



TESMA® is an internet based Technology and Service Management System. The device administration optimizes all phases of the technology lifecycle – in both technical and commercial respects. With TESMA® you reduce costs, save time and increase your productivity.

TESMA® is intelligent, adaptable and user friendly. It delivers information about device locations, configurations, user behavior, budget development, and more to you in real time. The PrintScout© function enables the central monitoring of your output systems. eBilling ensures maximum transparency and consistent automation in all ordering and invoicing processes. Furthermore, TESMA® creates the basis for extensive controlling and precise overview of all devices, consumables and services. The relevant information for your individual planning and optimization needs is always just a click away.

Every asset management system is only as good as its data. Anywhere where content maintenance takes place manually– the majority of the time in most cases – data quality is in danger. TESMA®, on the other hand, is fully operational at any given time. Updating is done automatically via CHG-MERIDIAN's internal ERP system and a seamless integration with your existing system environment. This is one benefit that many CHG-MERIDIAN customers know to appreciate in real business situations.

  • Maximum costs and process transparency for your financial management
  • Project coordination based on a plannable payment stream
  • Transparent invoicing model for full cost monitoring including cost center charging with optional monthl advance payments
  • Better prices with framework contracts

TESMA® has proven itself to be one of the leading Technology and Service Management Systems. Approximately 2,000 customers already manage over a million IT devices with this tool. TESMA® is wellestablished on the market with over 500 active customer accesses per day. Ease of use, unique integration of technical, installation and financial data and permanent up-to-date information are accelerating its development.