At a glance - Efficient Technology Management

CHG-MERIDIAN offers efficient technology management from a single source one-stop shop in information technologies, industrial technologies and healthcare technologies.

CHG-MERIDIAN offers complete assistance and support for technology infrastructure; from individual consulting, financial and operational services to remarketing services in its own Technology and Service Center.

Intelligent management of technology investments

Industrial groups and mid-size companies, as well as government authorities place their trust in us as an experienced internationally partner who competently and efficiently supports its customers.

CHG-MERIDIAN offers technologically optimized equipment and device portfolios that are intelligently structured, efficiently managed and financed to optimize value. These range from new PCs, notebooks, mobile end devices and servers in data centers to automated finishing lines in production plants and computer tomographies in clinics.

Identifiable customer benefits: We put advantages to use.

For our customers we put advantages to use that come from a single source one-stop shop and are efficient. CHG-MERIDIAN customers benefit from:

  • development of customized business solution concepts for technology, financing and inventory.
  • efficient organization of technology investments from a single source one-stop shop.
  • transparent cost control and optimized conditions.
  • resale with professional device refurbishing.

concentration on three technology areas

The focus of our work is in the IT sector. Aditionally, we are to a lesser extent active in the areas of industrial technologies and healthcare technologies.

Crucial to all three technology areas are structuring, efficient management and organization, and tailored solutions in developing business concepts for successful technology investments. Our customers furthermore benefit from transparent cost controls and resale with professional device refurbishing.

  • The information technology market is, as ever, full of tasks that do not fall within the core competencies of many enterprises. The use of information technology at most companies and public institutions is rather a means to an end.

    This is where CHG-MERIDIAN enters the picture: We assist our customers along the entire technology lifecycle. Whether preparation, execution, application or even roll back processes at life-cycle end.

  • Budget restrictions in the health sector make planned and forward-looking acquisition of the latest medical technology increasingly difficult. The demand for treatment with cutting-edge technology is growing at the same time. Efficiency is the solution. The high costs of medical technology require maximum efficiency from the resources to be invested.

    CHG-MERIDIAN assists private healthcare providers and government authorities in executing investment projects in the healthcare sector primarily with a comprehensive TCO (total cost of ownership) approach and lean process design, reaping cost benefits and sparing budgets.