Resale with professional device refurbishing

Remarketing is an environmentally friendly way of prolonging the life cycle of both hardware and software.

The end of the useful life does not mean the end of the economic value of technology investments. Our remarketing services not only provide for resource-conserving refurbishing (dismantling) of infrastructure, but also ensure that the data existing in technology items is reliably, totally and irretrievably erased in a unique, certified process.

This is done in our own Technology and Service Center, and adds a high degree of security for our customers. These advantages are further heightened by our in-depth knowledge of markets and prices. Refurbishing pays off for many devices, significantly improving their potential for resale,

whether PCs, multifunction devices, laptops or data center servers. Devices stemming from industrial production, or the entire technical infrastructure of a municipality may need replacing, so devices must be properly and professionally dismantled and disposed of. And our experts keep downtimes to a minimum, cutting costs and ensuring maximum productivity.