We assist you with the delivery of your new hardware, whether upgrading, converting or removing. Be it software upgrades, delivery of hardware, consumables or device installation, we provide support along the entire process chain and ensure that every device is in the right place at the right time. We formulate realistic schedules based on our experience in rollouts. These rollouts are efficient, reduce implementation and reduce costs. Our IT specialists are the right choice whenever you need to equip a number of workstations. Our experienced technicians custom adapt your IT equipment. We furthermore see to careful transport and smooth implementation without data loss. Legacy devices must often be replaced when new IT equipment is rolled out. Your new hardware can be temporarily stored, securely and professionally, until rollout. Every work process is monitored and documented.

We assist you with the rollout of your devices.
We assist you with the rollout of your devices.


Even at the end of the IT lifecycle we remain at your side. Our experts handle the dismantling of legacy devices and see to their removal, refurbishing and sale. We will keep you accurately informed on project status at all times: How many legacy devices are being replaced? Which have already been picked up? Which device numbers are next in line?

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