Improving patient wellbeing through efficient medical technology management

As a specialist for technology management and financing, CHG-MERIDIAN analyzes and optimizes the use of medical technology in hospitals and for healthcare providers. In an interview, our Vice President of Healthcare Technologies, Peter Krause, talks about the importance of well-interlinked medical technology and IT and explains how they can be used to achieve high patient satisfaction in spite of economic challenges.

Reducing financial risks – Improving patient care – Staying fit for the future

Which consultancy services does CHG-MERIDIAN offer in the healthcare sector?

For almost 40 years, we as CHG-MERIDIAN have been advising customers on how to optimize their IT infrastructure – from purchasing and erasing data through to remarketing old devices. The healthcare sector is also going through a major digital transformation, in which medical technology and IT are increasingly merging to form one system. As an independent and neutral adviser for technology management and financing, we are therefore also ready to assist hospitals and healthcare providers. Our goal is to ensure the efficacy and sustainability of our customers’ medical technology and the digitization of the healthcare system, so that we can make the most of improving patient care. In addition to this, we are developing individual financial and utilization concepts, making it possible to reduce costs and risks while creating more financial options for our customers. In this way, our customers can focus on the most important task at hand: Providing optimal and high-qualitative care for their patients.

Holistic medical technology management: From appraisal to functional perfection

What is efficient medical technology management?

We have a holistic approach to our extensive consultancy and services offering, which applies to both the entire equipment and everyone involved. The deployment of modern technology relies on the willingness and capability of employees and users in order to deal with it in a dependable manner. At the beginning of a new customer relationship, there is an inventory of effected technology investments with a multidimensional allocation of cost centers. As a next step, we analyze how and what cost savings, improvements in efficiency, and new investments can be considered. This is made possible by technology management systems such as TESMA®. We then collaborate with partners to develop individual utilization concepts to harmonize device portfolios and to streamline processes.

Overall, we want to accompany our customers on the way to the "digital clinic". In a personnel-intensive branch such as health care, digitalization begins with the individual employee. Thus we also promote the private use of corporate communications technology, such as through employee benefits solutions. For hospitals and healthcare providers, this also means better attractiveness and reputation as a modern employer.

Optimal cost-benefit ratio: Customized financing models

When is it worth investing in new medical technology for hospitals and healthcare providers?

Investments in medical technology are usually associated with high costs; we therefore start by analyzing the exact costs and benefits of new technologies – independent of the manufacturer and bank. Besides an overall financing package we also manage financing flexibly and find an individual invoicing model for our customers according to receipts (pay per patient), corresponding to the actual service life (pay as you earn), based on the tasks performed for financing an operating room (pay per operating room). In doing so, we focus on maintaining liquidity and, if necessary, use remarketing income from old devices. Besides this added value, data protection is given top priority. After appropriately uninstalling and removing the devices, we perform a unique TÜV-certified data erasure procedure, for example of the patient’s data.This erasure meets internationally established standards and norms.

About Peter Krause

Peter Krause is a seasoned international expert in the healthcare and medical technology sector, with more than 15 years experience in managing asset and trade financing. Due to his comprehensive management responsibilities in international and national healthcare companies, Peter Krause was one of those shaping the industry sustainably, both from a manufacturer and supplier point of view, as well as with regard to commercial and technical processes. In the fast-paced environment of the financial services sector, he has general expertise in developing and implementing intelligent financing models for the healthcare system in general, but in particular for hospitals and clinics. As Vice President of Healthcare Technologies, Krause is responsible at CHG-MERIDIAN for developing and implementing customized utilization models for investments in medical technology.

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