A FEW EXTRA COMPETENCIES for your IT management

Added-value throughout the entire IT lifecycle – from consultancy to data erasure



  • The expertise of a CHG-MERIDIAN consultant is based on their integrative competencies and their expertise in customized business concepts alongside long-standing and loyal customer relationships. It is therefore no surprise that CHG-MERIDIAN is the market leader in IT leasing.

    Your project manager at CHG-MERIDIAN elegantly combines technology knowledge, financial know-how and expertise. International consulting standards also ensure transparency, security and short and fast decision-making processes.

    Throughout the entire IT lifecycle they analyze the equipment landscape and the IT portfolio process. They transfer your inventory into the Asset Management System and then generates a clear picture of all technical and commercial dependencies – a landmark step for subsequent optimization processes.

    • Improved purchasing conditions through extensive market and price knowledge – even after the utilization phase.
    • Extensive support in any expansions, modifications and adaptations of the technology investments during the operating period.
    • Compliance with international accounting rules and provisions (US-GAAP or IAS/IFRS).
    • In-depth assistance in the preparation of public and private sector tenders.
  • Your CHG-MERIDIAN project manager is the responsible single point of contact to reduce complexity. They reduce implementation times and work to achieve an efficient organization of your technology investments, through simplified operational processes and a higher level of service and quality availability, from consultancy through to data erasure.

    • Management and control of equipment ordering, supervision of deliveries and of operation-ready assembly.
    • Development of maintenance and warranty plans which ensure the availability of your IT equipment and ease budget pressures.
    • Standardization of procurement processes.
    • International presence to fulfill transnational customer requirements.
  • CHG-MERIDIAN is known for its tailored and flexible financing solutions. This is based on its 30 years' experience, over 8,000 customer projects and a solid liquidity base.

    We also make an expert knowledge of commercial and financial issues available to you – throughout the entire IT lifecycle. Our Asset Managment System provides you with a clear view of all finance and liquidity streams. Through the simple automation of former manual processes, it optimizes the ordering and accounting of equipment, materials and services. In a very simple way it ensures the clear allocation of equipment and finance information, usage and costs.

    This amalgamation of technical and commercial information creates new dimensions for monitoring and IT business intelligence since the planned and actual usage of all equipment is immediately apparent. Costs can be reported, accounted and budgeted for in very fine detail. Usage peaks and cost factors are ascertained instantly.

    • Maximum cost and transparency for your financial management.
    • Central project coordination: All project costs are illustrated in a forecastable payment flow.
    • Transparent accounting models for full cost control including cost center accounting with optional monthly partial invoices.
    • Detailed provision of cost centers and other financial information.
    • Establishment of investment costs through the systematic evaluation of newly captured inventory information.
  • We are still by your side at the end of the IT lifecycle when we dismantle the old equipment and ensure that it is transported away appropriately. We will meticulously keep you informed of the equipment status until the very end. How many old equipment devices have been removed? Which have already been collected? Which device numbers are next in the sequence?

    And as far as hard disks are concerned, our certified data erasure process ensures that company secrets stored on such hard disks, remain secret. This is due to our specially trained employees, a sophisticated logistics system and a specific erasure process.

    Then the environmental disposal or systematic repair and sustainable remarketing of the used equipment is carried out in our internal Technology and Service Center in Skien – representing an ecologically responsible recycling economy as defined by Green IT.