Discover the benefits of using your technology estate without buying it

10 reasons why you should consider other solutions rather than purchase your IT equipment

Funding cuts for public sector institutions has been a real issue for a number of years now. Continual budget cuts are leaving public sector establishments struggling to keep up with an ever-growing digital world. CHG-MERIDIAN has a wealth of experience in tailoring solutions to allow a business to realise its IT objectives. CHG-MERIDIANs technology & asset management solution allows an institution to enjoy today’s technology with tomorrow’s budget, whilst placing tomorrow’s disposal considerations with CHG-MERIDIAN.

We understand that some public sector institutions remain sceptical about adopting a finance solution. Take a look at these 10 reasons how our financial solution could pave the way forward for you & your institution.

1. Lower total cost of ownership

The sum of the rentals will typically be lower than the capital cost of the equipment

2. Be creative with your budget

Make your budget go further by deferring payments to match your budget alignment allowing you to utilise precious cash reserves to fund other projects

3. Effective cost management

Spread the cost of your chosen assets over their economic useful life

4. Lifecycle refresh programme

A financial solution provides a natural conclusion for your assets and presents a perfect opportunity to implement a replacement programme

5. Accurate Projections

Financing allows you to accurately forecast which equipment needs to be replaced up to 12 months before the end of the agreement. Thus, allowing you to easily plan your equipment replacement programme

6. Lower maintenance costs

With a regular refresh cycle in place you can be sure your technology is up-to-date and therefore less likely to breakdown - resulting in less downtime for you and your assets

7. Make the refresh work for you

By aligning your assets useful life, you can increase your bargaining power with suppliers by ordering in bulk

8. Stay one step ahead

In today's world the latest gadget, invention or technological advancement always appears to be just around the corner. With a financial solution you can stay up-to-date with all the latest technology and trends

9. Asset Management

Gain transparency of your technology portfolio whilst reducing administration burden, allowing you to focus on what's important to you via our own asset management system TESMA®

10. Increased Harmony

By having the latest innovations available to staff and students you can ensure the best working/learning environment possible

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