Optimal Security Solutions

Ensuring certified data handling and aligning to corporate and social responsibilities

A global leader in digital imaging and IT solutions looking for certified data handling

The Requirement

Our client needed a partner who could ensure them correct and certified handling of their data that matched their corporate social beliefs. CHG-MERIDIAN was able to offer these services and centralize the handling of the IT fleet so that the company complied with the international ruling as well.

The Product

Our Technology and Service Centers in Gross-Gerau and Skien provide specially developed automated data erasure solutions that offer a high level of process reliability. This perfectly fit the needs of our client to comply with international regulations for their entire fleet.

The Solution

Our service incorporates an asset tool that makes tracking assets all over the world very easy and accessible. After the lease comes to an end, our partners transfer the used equipment to our Data Center in Gross-Gerau and completely wipe them clean. We ensure that our client can be confident that all the data is erased safely at the end of the term.

"Data erasure solutions from CHG-MERIDIAN allow our organization to remove the costs and risks associated with managing security on legacy devices and ensure our old technology is handled in accordance with our own corporate and social responsibility requirements."
Manager Global End Users Support, IT Sector

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