Lifecycle, healthcare, healthcare technology, CHG-MERIDIAN
  • Consulting

    Finance Consulting

    Flexible financing plans for healthcare investments, as per international accounting standards (US GAAP, IFRS, etc.) and applicable healthcare regulations.

    Portfolio Analysis

    Property asset documentation as part of a complete portfolio analysis. Identification of cost-saving scenarios – for example, new versus old technology, service cost reduction, equipment harmonization to reduce supplier numbers, bulk discounts, etc.


    Documentation and analysis of your medical and IT equipment inventories (leased and non-leased)—detailed asset tracking using TESMA®.

    Procurement Process

    Support when requesting bids and negotiating with manufacturers. Supervision and management of ordering and delivery processes.

  • Rollout

    New hospital equipment delivery and installation (including documentation); software loading and technical upgrades on used equipment.

    Support Concept

    Support and Maintenance

    Insurance- and manufacturer-independent warranty and service concepts that guarantee equipment availability and unburden your budget

    Consumables Management

    Consumables management including TESMA®-based supply monitoring and orders.

    Financial Management

    Financial Management

    Financing for flexible usage concepts, in compliance with international accounting standards. Budget optimization including patient-based invoicing and expense allocation. Technology investment modification and adjustment during usage term.

    Managed Equipment Service

    Fixed costs for service, delivery, and replacement equipment including performance warranty

  • Deinstallation

    Professional deinstallation and complete removal of your medical equipment, including documentation and logistics services.

    Data Erasure

    If requested, we conduct certified data erasures on data storage media containing sensitive patient information, in accordance with international norms and standards like those of the DoD (Department of Defense) or BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security).


    Expert remarketing of old equipment. The proceeds from our professional remarketing services benefit your budget.

    Environmentally Friendly Disposal

    We dispose of medical equipment that cannot be recycled in an environmentally-friendly fashion. Our equipment disposal process complies with international standards as well.