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For years, an office, a desk and fixed working hours have been considered the unchangeable reality of everyday working life, but this pattern is now rapidly changing thanks to the rise of modern mobile working.

For years, an office, a desk and fixed working hours have been considered the unchangeable reality of everyday working life, but this pattern is now rapidly changing thanks to the rise of modern mobile working.

More and more companies around the world are embracing flexible working in order to increase the efficiency of their employees. However, despite the advantages of having a comprehensive mobility strategy, many businesses are still struggling to implement one.

Last year, one study found that more than 70 percent of companies had no implemented process for adopting mobile devices. It follows, therefore, that for many companies the difficulties involved in implementing their own mobility solution are still too big to overcome.

IT service management company CHG-Meridian has recognised this problem and developed Enterprise Mobility Solutions in response. One of the key factors involved in developing such a solution, was for companies to gain easy and unlimited access to the world of mobile working. To make this possible a complete package was created that for the first time addresses all obstacles to mobile working.

Satisfying all departments with the right mobile strategy

There are many hurdles to overcome on the way to finding the right mobility strategy. Managers from many different departments are all too aware of the questions that hang over mobile working, such as: “How can I easily achieve unlimited access to the mobile world? What additional services should my enterprise mobile strategy include? How is my company data kept secure on all devices? How can I best achieve this from a technical and financial point of view?”

“Many companies adopted solutions from their legacy network provider, believing this would reduce the complexity of their mobile device management,” says Scott Linley, Service Manager at CHG-Meridian.

“In reality, throughout the lifecycle the opposite becomes true. Bundled solutions with ‘tech funds’ provide the illusion of value, but actually deliver a restrictive, inflexible service with no transparency of the true cost of ownership. This approach gives the carrier complete control, as it removes the ability to choose best in class.”

Mobile working requires freedom and protection

Freedom and protection are the two fundamental elements through which CHG-Meridian’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions aim to help companies gain a crucial edge when it comes to mobile working.

The solution offers maximum freedom to shape a mobile working environment. With benefits from the beginning to the end of the assets lifecycle, it has never been easier to manage your mobile equipment portfolio.

This means that employees have the time and the freedom to fully concentrate on their work, no matter where they are.

Without restrictions, extra effort, or added expense – but with comprehensive protection, the Enterprise Mobility Solution ensures that all company data remains secure, whilst employees are still able to continue working even if their devices are damaged or lost.

A future-proof package

“We aim to offer our customers the best in functionality and convenience at a low cost,” adds Frank Kottmann, member of the board of management, CSO at CHG-Meridian. He says that the firm’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions cover every important aspect of an enterprise mobile strategy including:

  • Independent analysis and assessment
  • Management of the procurement process
  • Funding for smartphones and tablets
  • Imaging and configuration
  • Flexible adjustment of tariffs
  • Cost-centre-specific charging and detailed reporting
  • 24/7 or 8/5 support
  • Secure app management
  • Claims settlement and repairs
  • Return and certified data erasure.

This sophisticated and comprehensive concept from CHG-Meridian gives companies access to the working environment of the future and paves the way for productive, unlimited, and secure mobile working.

“Many service providers offer individual products in the area of mobile working,” says Scott.

 “CHG-Meridian’s approach is to provide a solution that allows our clients to build the right solutions to maintain technical control and get complete transparency around the costs associated with their mobility platforms. We believe that organisations should have access to the right tools and processes to deploy intelligent, dynamic and manageable solutions that deliver tangible value throughout the technology lifecycle.”

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