CHG-MERIDIAN has decades of experience in financing every aspect of a project, and takes a holistic view of finance across the entire lifecycle. This is what gives you the reassurance that your investment will really pay off over the course of a project.

Buy cheaply, use for a long time. Anyone who thinks this is the path to achieving an effective cost structure is sorely mistaken. The same applies to IT infrastructures, medical equipment or industrial technology. On the one hand, operating and servicing costs increase disproportionately as assets get older, which is a headache for CIOs and COOs. On the other, CFOs are reluctant to gamble on future infrastructure costs.

A reliable way to calculate cost effectiveness over the duration of a project is to look at the TCO. This is the only way to decide whether it is more cost effective in the long term to buy the latest technology or to opt for a customised business concept with shorter usage cycles.

All vendors provide this information, of course – but from their own perspective. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to compare offerings. Real world benchmarks provide a robust basis of measurement. But only independent experts with decades of experience in financing every aspect of a project have access to these. Experts who understand that standard offerings rarely meet your company's individual requirements profile. Who sit on the same side of the negotiating table as you as they have the same objectives. Who will look at your overall costs, even for international projects, and find a suitable financing option for you. Who will protect your balance sheet and will take risks on your behalf.

Efficient Technology Management® that meets your requirements – that is what we offer. Contact us now and keep an eye on your hidden costs in the future. In times of digital change, we can support your transition to an efficient, service-oriented and digitalised IT landscape.

"Do you know if your service provider has the same objectives as you?"
"Do you know what contract length is the most cost effective for your investment?"
"Are you sure your partner's contract model really suits your individual requirements?"


We look forward to discussing your technology lifecycle management plan with you.

Rony Timmermans

Executive Vice President South-Western Europe

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