Intelligent financing concepts pave the way for more innovation

As an innovative financing partner with decades of experience, CHG-MERIDIAN offers benefits for CIOs and CFOs alike. We will show you how to implement innovative projects cost-effectively.

While the property developer, architect, and building contractor may form a strong team, they will be unable to get a major real-estate project off the ground without a financial specialist on board. He or she is the link between the requirements and concept on the one hand and the project’s financial arrangements on the other.

In a company, the CIO and CFO have common objectives: more added value and more profit. But they have to take different interests and stakeholders into consideration. The IT department wants to be a service provider and driver of innovation, and is dependent on capital expenditure. The finance department, meanwhile, has to justify their actions to auditors, the board of management, and shareholders.

Intelligent and flexible financing concepts bridge this gap. Lean processes are crucial and customized billing models that slot into a company’s structures – and that give the finance department the flexibility that it wishes to grant to colleagues in other departments.

This calls for a strong partner that has the knowledge to be able to liaise with both financial and other specialists. That knows what auditors require. That can provide local support for projects worldwide. That eliminates dependencies and creates transparency. That has the same interests as the customer.

Efficient Technology Management® that meets your requirements – that is what we offer. Contact us now and empower the finance department to provide the foundations for innovation.


“Do you know how you can finance your company’s experimental projects at low risk?”
“Do you know how to implement capital expenditure projects while protecting your balance sheet?”
“Do you know how to structure supplier billing processes so that they accurately reflect your internal processes?”
Wayne Fowkes, Sales Director Americas

“CFOs want to encourage departments to be brave but they have to manage the risks at the same time. They thus need intelligent and innovative financing concepts.”


I am looking forward to talking about intelligent financing concepts with you.

Ralf Behrning

Executive Vice President Sales South-West Europe

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