As an innovative funding partner with decades of experience, CHG-MERIDIAN sheds light on your overall costs. We will show you where you have potential savings and how you can achieve these savings.

Patients undergoing an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan will view the complex equipment with a certain sense of awe, while doctors are enthusiastic about the diagnosis options that it opens up. For hospital administrators, however, awe and enthusiasm are irrelevant. They have to make sure the cost of an MRI scan is in line with the hospital’s budget.

More and more, hospitals receive payments in the form of flat-rate fees, so they are forced to make efficient use of flat-rate charges. Consequently, deployment of innovative medical equipment will be easier to justify if there is a cost benefit. This creates a high level of complexity in financial planning and reporting, but also when it comes to assessing the total cost of ownership before deciding how to fund a capital expenditure project. Will there be a return on the investment within a reasonable period? Is it in line with the hospital’s budget? And what specific running and servicing costs will the equipment incur?

A pay per use model from a technology management company can eliminate this complexity for doctors and hospital administrators. Under this model, the overall cost of procuring and using the medical equipment is broken down by individual case of treatment. This enables patient-specific and treatment-specific billing, thus providing a clear basis for joint decisions by the hospital’s medical and commercial directors. 

But how can the right decision be reached when they are faced with conflicting considerations in relation to quotations from manufacturers, requests from doctors, business strategy, the case mix, and flat-rate fees? The necessary transparency can only be ensured by a funding partner that is independent. That sits on the same side of the negotiating table as you because it has the same objectives. That works with you to find the best billing model for you. That, thanks to more transparency, also creates more flexibility for you.

Efficient Technology Management® that meets your requirements – this is what we offer. Contact us now and ensure doctors, administrators and, above all, patients feel that they are being well treated.


“Do you know how capital expenditure on state-of-the-art medical equipment can be funded without impacting your budget?”
“Do you know how to present a business case for acquiring expensive medical equipment to those who will be bearing the costs?”
“Do you know how to break down medical equipment costs transparently in a flat-rate fee model?”
Peter Krause, Head of Healthcare Technologies Central Europe

“There is no disputing what the latest medical equipment can do. Our new funding models can help you necessitate the latest innovations."


We look forward to discussing our Pay Per Use models with you.

Jan Van den Eeckhoudt

Sales Manager Healthcare

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